Chambers risk management

Specialised risk management for barristers chambers

Are your chambers working as effectively as possible?

It is often said that ‘change is a constant’ – especially in relation to bar activities.

Changes brought about by the Legal Services Act and introduction of a new chambers quality accreditation system to replace BarMark will cause a re-think within chambers as to how they go about identifying and managing risk to chambers’ strategic objectives. At the same time the Bar Standards Board are introducing a risk based approach to bar regulation. Now is the time to consider a fresh approach to the management of risk within chambers. Consider the following as examples of risk areas:

Competition – the Legal Services Act promotes competition in the provision of services.

New systems ­- new data handling systems need to work effectively.

New working practices – hot desking and the drive for paperless offices to maximise efficiencies requires employee acceptance. 

How Chambers risk management works:

A simple common sense approach to the management of risk.

Group and one to one sessions to identify the barriers to change and risks impacting on chambers objectives.

Identification of chambers interventions to manage the identified risks to an acceptable level, assessing the risks and prioritising the actions to be taken to manage those risks.

Coaching of individuals to assist in the management of change and reduce resistance to change.


Bar Standards Board regulatory compliance to avoid BSB imposed sanctions and resultant reputational issues.

Risks to chambers objectives would be identified together with actions to treat those risks, enabling a higher likelihood of achieving those strategic objectives.

Any perceived resistance felt by team members to any changed working practices would be nullified assisting the seamless transition to the use of any new systems.

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